When clients should listen… For reals yo…

So, another fantastically action-packed, event-filled time…. is still in progress. I barely have time to eat, never mind the simple luxuries of a full night sleep or the ability to do my own grocery shopping. But, alas, so is the life of the labour consultant.
Here is a very important point I need to get across. When you pay money, good money, to get someone else to offer you legal advice, would it not be in your own best interest to ensure that you actually follow their advice? Apparently, your average client/manager/higher-up believes that this is not, however the case, and that they should still do whatever it is that they originally intended to do, except now they mistakenly believe that your objections and reasoning somehow translate to; “Of course mr. corporate manager and/or other higher up man, you are absolutely correct and you should do that random thing or make that random decision that you asked my advice about, regardless of any objections that I may have had and then, when it blow up in your face, I will gladly take full responsibility for any fallout that you may encounter from your boss.”
Or is this only my version of events? Case in point, a certain matter was hopelessly and grossly beyond rescue by the time it landed on my desk, due to a minor oversight on my part, I failed to see a technical point and subsequently, it transpired that the other party was, in-fact, correct… Whoops…
It is at this point, however, where I start to dig into the history of the matter, and what should I discover other than that the client was advised against this course of action and chose to overrule this advice from a highly competent former colleague who had enough wits to identify the issue early on, report it and then get that little point buried under an avalanche of grey… Until some random, lucky person, happens upon this and saves the day, for everyone who was not tasked with actually doing this thing that I am now kind of directly responsible for.
Oh well, live and learn I always say. New rule, if I tell a client something, I will document his refusal and have him sign it on the spot. Also, I will no longer rely on the competence of my colleagues, as this is clearly not a plausible methodology for performing consultation work.
Regardless, in other news. Life is still fascinating, and at some stage, I believe, there is still the possibility that an inkling of hope will remain and I might just win out in the end….


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