CitiBoi becomes Dorpseun… But goes corporate all the same…

Good day all readers, followers, interested parties and/or stalkers. Admittedly it has been awhile since my last post, and there has been a very good reason for this, my laziness not being it.
To catch you up on what has happened and why I have been so lax in writing, it is very simple.
I changed careers, moved from the city to a town in Mpumalanga and started a almost entirely new life for myself. The change in career has necessitated a lot of learning, and the new industry has a very steep learning curve, but I am finally feeling like I am making progress, getting better at what I do now and, while not finding time to write yet, have managed to piece together some coherent thoughts over the past three or four nights to post here.
Learning an entirely new job is in itself complicated and hard, but if it is an entirely unrelated field to anything that you have ever done before, it gets harder. However, as IR (Industrial Relations) is an interesting field, and presents unique challenges require you to be able to think fast and change tact on a moments notice, be insightful and assess a situation or a piece of evidence from multiple approach angles at all times, it seems to fill my need for stimulation quite well… A good example would be where a respondent in a CCMA case changes his story halfway through a arbitration leaving your prepared case absolutely useless; then what do you do? You change tact, you re-asess the entire matter in seconds and without faltering continue questioning and presenting different evidence, it is exciting, exhilirating, fascinating and most of all, fun.
I wrote off my little red car shortly after starting my new life in Middelburg, and as the insurance were full of crap and left me with a bit of a lack in the personal transportation department, I was presented with an opportunity to buy the mode of transport that I have wanted for five years now; ie. a 2006 Honda CBR600RR… My new bike recently got her first fine (exactly one week after purchase) but has shown that a well made vehicle can easily outperform something that, on paper, seems superior… And that, after all, is what it’s all about.
As my new career path has placed me in a paralegal field, I have been studying a lot of laws, specifically laws pertaining to labour and employment in South Africa. Dismisalls etc. And I will say this, we live in a wonderful country where our government are either complete morons, or absolutely machievellian, I leave it up to you to decide which…

For now, go well… Expect a more relevant and insightful update shortly 🙂


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