Humanity’s Firm Belief in the Reality of Abstract concepts…

Well, as hinted to in my last post, I am writing this post to illustrate the reality whereby human beings seem to misunderstand some fairly simple concepts and how this negatively impacts on our understanding of the world around us.

Emoticons1.)Emotions, the why and the why not:
Emotions are not real, they are the product of neurochemistry, and while the effects on our body are real, that has to do with the way human beings allow control of their bodies and nothing more. We need our emotions to cope with certain situations, and in that regard, they are “real”, but only to the level that once we understand the logical reasoning behind them, the need for them subsides and eventually, we can learn to ignore them altogether and using only our higher cognitive functions, we can make better decisions and act with a better response to a given situation than with a purely emotional one, deeming them, uneccesary leftovers of our evolution. But they still remain abstract concepts to which we attribute real value.

Time-Golden-Ratio2.)Time, or more specifically, the linear concept of time.
We like to think of time as this linear progressing sequence of events, which is both flawed, and non-existent. Time, or rather the passage of time, is merely a unit of measure that we use to make sense of the moments that were, moments that are and moments that might be, but it is a flawed form of measure, as time doesn’t exist at all. There is no passage of time, only a primitive way in which we like to think that time progresses because it is the simpler way of looking at life. In fact, time is non-linear, and moreover, non-existent. Life is in this moment, not a previous one, not a future one. There is no past and there is no future. Sounds all philosophical right? But it isn’t, it’t the scientific truth, there is no evidence of a future or a past, all your observations of the present might be based on past experience, but since there is no past, your past experience, or memory, becomes suspect. Time is closer to water, in that it flows to and fro, up and down, and exists all over and nowhere at the same time… For a fuller understanding, you might want to get into physics, but for the purposes of this blog post, I would like to just point out that time is not a real item, but rather another abstract concept that we like to believe exists as a reflection of reality.


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