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Installing Laws-Africa Indigo in Docker

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All credit and atribution to Laws-Africa for their excellent work on the Indigo Platform.

What is Indigo

If you are asking that here, I think you are starting at the wrong place and I suggest you start at their official Github page to gain a proper understanding of how it works. If you are just looking to deploy it for development work, follow their official instructions. This How-to is written specifically to have a production setup running in Docker.

What are we installing

  1. Docker;
  2. Docker Compose;
  3. Text Editor of Your Choice.

Clone from GIT and enter:

git clone --branch v17.0.0
cd indigo-docker

Generate a .env using example-env

cp example-env .env

Set up the .env file with your settings:

nano .env

Edit the file to match your desired settings. Change the Variables, except DATABASE=postgres (This is currently part of the entrypoint file), to your own settings.

TLS/SSL Email:

If you need to enable SSL or TLS, you will also need to edit the Dockerfile for indigo by uncommenting the relevant lines (140 – 142):

nano ./indigo/Dockerfile

Deploy to Docker using Docker Compose:

docker-compose up

Once it is fully up, you can stop it with Ctrl+c, you still need to switch it to production mode.

Change the docker-compose file to production mode:

Due to an issue with the way Indigo is built, the initial database can only be configured in debug mode, hence the docker-compose.yml file is set to default to debug mode for the first run.

Once the initial database tables have been populated, however, you can switch the installation to production as follows:

nano docker-compose.yml

Edit thie line “DJANGO_DEBUG=true” to “DJANGO_DEBUG=false”

Now start up the Indigo Containers in production mode:

docker-compose up

If you want it to run as a daemon, add the -d switch to the end of the docker-compose up command.

Configure Superuser:

docker exec -it indigo-docker_indigo_1 python /src/indigo/ createsuperuser


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