The List 0.9a

It was brought to CitiBoi‘s attention last night that he should publish a list of what exactly it is that he is looking for in a lady. Thanks Mo Do. So here follows a reasonably comprehensive list of requirements against which each lady will be tested:

1.Attractiveness, yes, no dogs, sounds selfish but really isn’t. The fact of the matter is that we aren’t looking for swedish swimwear models here, but also, CitiBoi doesn’t want to spend time with someone who isn’t at least nice to look at.
2.IntelligenceCitiBoi wants someone who is capable of holding her own in a conversation, able to call him on the crap he sometimes pulls and at least have some form of education.
3.Intellectualism, not the same as intelligence, CitiBoi‘s ideal mate should also be interrested in the world around her and how it works to at least a novice agree. Not just be a sheep who follows the flock but someone who is capable of forming an independent though every once in awhile.
4.Own Car, and no, this is not elitist, CitiBoi is tired of having to drive all over town after girlfriends, he needs one who is occasionally able to spend time with him at his awesome bachelor pad without having to collect and return.
5.CanHasJob, because otherwise, where would the relationship ultimately be heading? There needs to be at least some form of career in place.
6.Sense of Humor, while most people think that they have a sense of humor, and most chicks seem to think themselves hip with the latest crazes, CitiBoi has a very well developed sense of humor which is hard for some to get. Think highly intelligent yet quite blatantly cruel. If you digg Cyanide and HappinessCTRL+ALT+DELThe Oatmeal and Hipster Hitler then you might just be getting it. For extra credit, an enjoyment of the fine art that is White Ninja will count in her favor. The most important, however, is xkcd:, if you don’t get it, you won’t get CitiBoi

Now I have to decode CitiBoi‘s email and try and write a report of the time he spent around BrokenBetty during the course of the past weekend. Have a good one.


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