Learning About Life Needs Practice

So, time for another blog post… I have refrained from writing for the past few weeks because initially the topic would’ve sickened everyone and more recently, because I just didn’t want to do many things. So then, finally, I think that I have something worth saying.
Where to begin; well, there is the whole concept of project CitiBoi, which will now replace my old blog, which was ITDudesBlog.
I will no longer be writing on that blog, and will, in future, focus all of my writing on this blog instead, in an attempt to unify the two and reduce the effort of maintaining two blogs, but also because the original concept of project CitiBoi has died a tragic death.
Now, for the part that is what I actually want to say; I recently have learnt alot more about my own self than I knew in past, and more specifically, I have been able to prove that the theoretical enlightenment that I thought I had attained, often times needed a real-world test before it could be considered, and in truth, I think I passed some, and failed some, but only realizing how I had failed in some of these ideals, through a good friend no less, did I realize what had needed tweaking in order to be viable wisdom.
I find myself considering these newly learnt lessons, and the updates to ones learnt of old quite often, I find myself more readily accepting “omens” and I find myself struggling with one or two, but overall, I have learnt alot more about things that I needed to learn alot more about.
Now, the things that I have said, should be a guide to those who consider themselves to be in a place where they are journeying through self-discovery, because often times we consider ourselves certain of a realization and that we won’t make the same mistakes again, while in reality, the theory of how we should’ve coped is still flawed and requires testing, only after actually testing the theory can you know whether your coping mechanism will work or not. In short, I am wishing to share that small little bit of wisdom with you 🙂
That done, I am now going to wish all of you a fair day, and know that I will be writing again soon.


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