Danger, here be dragons!!!

I find that the old cartography habit of denoting dangerous and/or unexplored areas with the phrase; “Here Be Dragons” is oddly fitting within the context of my rant for the day.

The subject: WOMENFOLK!!! ARGH!!! DESPAIR!!! (And yes, they all are the one and same thing.

So, what valuable insight I have been able to glean over the past weekend is simply that girls take affront to your declaration of love if you follow it up by hitting on other females, despite their verbal assurances that they do not share your interest.

Now, as a dude, I am fully able to appreciate the subtle differences that exist between emotional and purely physical relationships, and further that, find that when your emotional needs aren’t necessarily being met (in my example, I am single, and have been for some time) you can substitute a physical relationship in order to reduce the heartache and feelings of emptiness…

Well, apparently this is not acceptable, as the two major incidents in the past few months have illustrated. Simply said, the first time I made this mistake, I lost a good friend. The second time however is the one that I am actually still reeling from, as this is a more complicated situation.

My major question, however, is this; If I told a girl that I have feelings for her, and would like to persue these feelings within the context of a romantic relationship, and she then makes it apparent that she does not share these feelings, and I end up hooking up with another girl two weeks later, how is this in any way my fault?

Well, since I cannot expect all females to be as enlightened as to the major differences between men and women, I will in future not act the same way, and further that, will not give up on the last girl (The first one no longer holds any appeal for me), which means, that now it’s time for me to actually start acting more like a girl in my actions in future, with specific importance being given to the matter of persuing physical relationships in order to satisfy emotional needs… Argh!!!

So my next question, if a girl admits that she lied earlier, and actually has feelings for me, but is unwilling to perue them as a mutual female friend has declared her feelings towards myself, making it hard to do so, would it be the correct course of action to alter my lifestyle and patiently wait until said third party finds a new mate freeing up the current alleged situation and allowing the first party to now persue a romantic relatioinship with the second (ie. Myself)?

Or was that simply meant as a slight encouragement to seek emotional fulfillment elsewhere? Please do contribute and share your opinions and views on the matter, as I am unable to see any course of action other than that which I explained in the previous paragraph….


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